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Victory Bible College is a place of training but it is also a place of growth and restoration. People from every stage of life have chosen to attend VBC and let the experience change their life. We are so excited that you are interested in learning more about VBC and Victory Christian Center.

Welcome to Victory Bible College

Victory Bible College is an independent co-educational, interdenominational, two year Bible School. VBC is open to Christians from various backgrounds who desire to study the Word of God and further develop their spiritual life and ministry. VBC is an extension and integral part of Victory Christian Center. Students receive practical training through Christian service in the various departments and outreaches of the church. VBC has a goal of imparting life experience, ministering restoration and empowering students with personal knowledge of the Word of God and the Holy Spirit.

VBC focuses on developing relationships with both God and man according to biblical standards. VBC is not a seminary. It is a charismatic school of the Bible. Courses are designed to minister to Christians of all levels of spiritual maturity and development.

In summary, VBC exists for the purpose of providing Bible training for spiritual growth, development and Christian leadership in the Body of Christ. The school is designed to provide instruction to students in biblical doctrines of the Christian faith, restoration of an intimate relationship with God and development of spiritual maturity in fulfilling the commission and vision that God has given to each student.

Spiritual Emphasis

VBC encourages the spiritual, academic and professional growth of each staff member and student. Intrinsic to Victory Bible College’s founding purpose is involvement in the many spiritual programs offered by Victory Christian Center, which are designed to enrich and develop spiritual growth. Weekly school chapels, guest speakers, special seminars, Christian service hours, cell groups, and activities within VCC and outside VCC in the Christian community all help further develop the student spiritually.

There are also regular and special intercessory prayer times, Sunday school programs, visitation, plus the regular Sunday and Wednesday church services.

Victory Christian Center

In 1979, Billy Joe and Sharon Daugherty became pastors of Victory Christian Center. From an old car lot, to the Mabee center, to the beautiful 7700 S. Lewis Avenue facility, VCC has been a pillar in the Tulsa community. The church has always been an outreach and missions minded congregation, but Pastor Billy Joe felt that a Bible school was needed to train people in ministry as well as be a place of healing and restoration, and Victory Bible College (formerly Victory Bible Institute) was born.

Victory Christian Center suffered a great loss in 2009 when Pastor Billy Joe passed away. His wife, Sharon Daugherty took the helm and served as the senior pastor until September of 2013 when her son Paul Daugherty took on the role of co-pastor. As of August of 2014, Paul is the lead pastor of Victory Christian Center. He and his wife Ashley have one son, Liam Josiah.

Victory Bible College still operates directly with the 7,000 + member congregation and its’ many programs, which gives VBC students the unique opportunity to be involved in an environment of excellence and influence. As Victory Christian Center continues to grow, so does VBC and its’ potential for impact around the world.


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