College Weekend Countdown

Contributed for Admissions and Marketing Director, Liz Tvedt.

We are  T W E N T Y   E I G H T  days away from College Weekend! Just 28! Preparation is in full swing to make this the GREATEST  visiting experience that VBC has ever offered!

So you may be thinking, “Yes I’m interested, but what does a College Weekend even consist of?”


Our College weekend is going to be from Thursday November 6 to Saturday November 8, here in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

College Weekend Tentative Schedule
Thursday November 6
8:00 pm     |      Check In at VBC Office
8:30 pm     |      Welcome Meeting and Student Mixer
9:30 pm     |      Bonfire at Student Housing

Friday November 7
7:30 am     |     Breakfast in VBC Cafe
8:00 am    |     Morning Worship with student body
8:30 am    |     Visit a class of your choice
10:30 am  |     VBC Chapel with Pastor Paul Daugherty
12:30 pm  |     Luncheon with Staff and Program Directors, Q & A Session
2:00 pm    |     Tulsa Excursion and IMT Activity
4:00 pm    |     Return to VBC Housing/ Free Time
6:00 pm    |     Dinner at VBC Cafe
8:00 pm    |     Coffee & Covers  Event
10:00 pm |     Activities with Housing Hosts

Saturday November 8
9:00am    |     Breakfast at VBC Cafe
10:00 am |     Outreach Project
12:00 pm |     Lunch at VBC Cafe
1:00 pm    |    Tulsa Scavanger Hunt, Free Time with Hosts
4:00 pm   |     Tour of VIctory Christian Center
5:00 pm   |     Saturday night service at Victory/ VBC Owns the Weekend
6:30 pm   |     Closing Meeting in Victory Christian Center’s Second Floor Chapel

The cost of College Weekend is $40, to cover meals and staying in Housing if you choose to. You can register and make your payment at HERE!

We can’t wait to meet you!.

Elizabeth TvedtCollege Weekend Countdown