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THE1005.DL Authority of the Believer I

This course is designed to bring the student into a fuller understanding of the believer’s authority in Jesus Christ. The believer’s personal structures of authority, as compared with the authority of the church, will be discussed relative to the times in which we now live.

PRM1205. DL Avoiding Deception

This course is designed to teach the believer how to discern and walk in the truth. The student learns how to live by God’s principles in the midst of a world that is filled with traps of offense, seduction, apathy, compromise, lustful attractions, wrong believing and various distractions that pull at all Christians. The subtleties of Satan that are trying to literally take people to Hell are identified. The believer will learn how to recognize deceptions and overcome them.

THE1010.DL Bible Covenants

The Bible clearly reveals God as a covenant-making, covenant-keeping and covenant-revealing God. The Bible itself is a covenant book containing the Old and New Testaments (covenants). We will explore several Bible covenants, how they reveal God’s scarlet thread of redemption, and how these covenants are fulfilled in our blood covenant relationship with God through Jesus Christ.

THE1015.DL Character of God

This course is an examination of the Old Testament Hebrew names of God, which give revelation into the character of God. Jesus will be seen as the incarnate expression of these names and the one who is the same yesterday, today, and forever. The revelation into the unchanging nature and character of God will strengthen your faith as you discover the awesomeness of our God.

THE1060.DL Charismatic Foundations

In this course, the student will be rooted and grounded in the profound truths that make up the foundation for Christian life and also the doctrine of the charismatic church. The Word of God is the standard by which the student will measure his/her belief system, and it is the foundation underlying this course.

THE1025.DL Divine Healing

This course is designed so that the student can know from the study of God’s Word, that God not only is able to heal but He wants to heal us. This course also instructs on the different ways God uses to heal and how the student can minister healing to others.

PRM1045.DL Evangelism and Outreach

This unique course is designed to share important strategies and fresh attitudes for successful Bible ministry in soul winning, in miracle faith and in productive gospel outreaches both at home and abroad. Information PLUS inspiration will lead the student to transformation for success in ministry.

THE1030.DL Fruit of the Spirit

Walking in the Spirit is the result of living the Spirit-filled life. It is not walking by the dictates of the flesh, but being controlled by God’s Holy Spirit within. This lifestyle is outlined in Galatians 5:13 as the “Fruit of the Spirit.” This exciting, informative course will teach you how you can walk the fruitful life.

THE0072.DL Foundations of Faith

The Foundations of Faith is that intangible ingredient which compelled the heroes of faith to finish their courses with joy. This course describes what faith is and how to activate it. It will combine information with inspiration by emulating those who through faith and patience have inherited the promises.

THE1035.DL Gifts of the Spirit

This course is a study of the person of the Holy Spirit and His place and function in the Godhead, His spiritual gifts, and how these gifts operate in the Body of Christ.

PRM1501.DL Growing Up Spiritually

This course will examine the value and necessity of spiritual growth. It will prove, by the teachings and examples in the New Testament, that growing up spiritually in Christ is the key to fulfilling our God-given potential.

PRM0065.DL How to be Led by the Spirit

This is an in-depth study of how God does and does not lead His people. The purpose of this course is to provide insight into the ways God leads his people from the spirit-man within, and the ways man often misses the leading of the Lord by ignorance or miss-assumption.

PRM1035.DL Kingdom Wealth & Economics

This course will teach the student important strategies concerning prosperity and wealth creation. A biblical and practical foundation will be presented along with strategies for effective application.

BIB1010.DL Life of Christ

This course will set forth an accurate account of the life of Christ. Topics include His eternal pre-existence, His miracle birth, His life, teachings and ministry, His sacrificial death and resurrection, His ascension and His present-day ministry. We will reveal Jesus in His humanity and deity, and in His ministry of love that is now at work in and through believers today!

PRM1027.DL Life Strategies 1

This course will discuss and apply specific keys toward developing a life strategy plan. Discussion of Godly principles will prepare the student to develop vision, purpose and personal strategies that work.

PRM1100.DL Marriage and Family

This course establishes how to build and maintain a godly marriage and family based on biblical foundations. Topics include the courtship, getting through the period of early marriage, dealing with challenges of raising Godly children.

THE1197.DL Ministry Gifts & Callings

What is my place in the Body of Christ? How do I pursue and fulfill God’s plan for me in ministry? Whatever area of ministry you are called to, this course will define the different gifts God has given mankind in relation to your place. The student will learn about how the different gifts and callings flow and conflict, bible examples of the same, and where the student fits into the body of Christ.

THE1040.DL New Creation Realities

New Creation Realities is an unveiling of who we are in Christ today; of what He says we are; and what He has made us to be in His great redemptive work. Though we live in this world, we are no longer of this world. It is imperative for us to know what the new reality is for us as believers.

BIB1021.DL New Testament Survey I

This course will examine the New Testament gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, plus the Book of the Acts of the Apostles. Attention will be focused on major doctrinal themes within each book, plus understanding the books through the lenses of contemporary cultural background (including the customs of the times) and political issues.

BIB1022.DL New Testament Survey II

This course surveys the historical, political and religious setting of the 1st century AD early church, as written in the Books of Romans through Revelation. Major doctrines and themes are presented so that the student may gain an overall understanding of these epistles and apply to his or her life.

BIB1031.DL Old Testament Survey I

This course presents a panoramic view of the Old Testament through the Books of the Law and the books on history, from Genesis through Esther It emphasizes major themes, characters, historical events, geography and cultures of the times. Practical application is also emphasized.

BIB1032.DL Old Testament Survey II

This course presents a panoramic view of the Old Testament, emphasizing major themes, characters, historical events, geography and cultures of the times with emphasis on the books of wisdom/poetry, plus the major and minor prophets.

PRM1206.DL Passion for God

The first and greatest commandment is that we, “love God with all our heart, with all our soul, with all our mind, and with all our strength”. This course will challenge the student to pursue a passionate relationship with God that will be the foundation for knowing Him and enjoying Him intimately.

PRM1903.DL Principles of Leadership 1

The Foundations of Leadership course is designed to bring the student into a fuller understanding of the Biblical approach to leadership – especially in learning to lead oneself.

PRM1020.DL Principles of Ministry

This course deals with the charismatic ministry relating to the different phases, operations and administrations of today. Principles covered include the natural preparations, working together with personal integrity, and heavenly anointing.

PRM0060.DL Principles of Praise and Worship

This course gives students a scriptural foundation for praise, music and worship and also prescribes for believers the lifestyle of praise and worship, that enables them to know God better through a closer relationship with Him. Practical elements of music ministry will also be outlined.

PRM1011.DL Principles of Prayer

This course is designed to give the student the foundational teaching for an effective prayer life. Not only will you learn the “how to” of prayer by precept, but also by examples and practice.

THE0060.DL Principles of Revival

This is a course about the “R” word: REVIVAL. It’s a dirty word to some and a word of unprecedented hope to others. (It’s dirty to some because they feel they are set up for disappointment. It’s a word of hope for others because they feel the unmitigated anticipation of the impending move of God.) This course will deal with historical events, biblical principles and practical application that precipitate revival.

PRM1026.DL Proverbs

This course introduces the student to the major themes and context of the Book of Proverbs in addition to providing the student with valuable applications from Proverbs for everyday living. Also, the student will learn and use Bible study techniques to study and discuss Proverbs during the one-hour application sessions, which follow each lecture session.

PRM1050.DL Renewing the Mind

This course is designed to give the student a biblical perspective on the importance of renewing the mind and understanding his/her position in Christ in order to spiritually mature in the things of God and manifest Christ-likeness to the world.

THE1045.DL Righteousness

This course is a study of God’s revelation of righteousness to the Church. The message of righteousness runs throughout the Bible; from the creation of man to the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Righteousness is one of the most important messages ever offered to the Church. The course provides a biblical basis for a victorious, triumphant and joyful life for the believer.

PRM1106.DL Spiritual Discernment

This course is designed to equip the believer in walking in the Spirit, ministering in and by the Spirit with God’s authority, and to help fine-tune the believer’s spiritual discernment. There is a need to guard our lives and the flock of God in this day. Accountability and sensitivity to the Holy Spirit is a must in this hour.

PRM1030.DL The Principle of Invincibility

The ancient Chinese general Tsun Tzu said, “If you want to win a war, you must teach your troops the principle of invincibility–taking them beyond the possibility of defeat.” In Ephesians 6 Paul talks about the armor of God and then says, “Stand.” The term “stand”, means to stand effectively or invincibly. Learn how the spiritual armor of God makes you invincible to the devil’s attack.

PRM0020.DL Transformed Living

This is a course on renewing the mind, establishing your heart and transforming your personal belief system for maximum productivity of every believer. This is a study on shattering limitations in every arena of your life.

PRM1005.DL World Missions 1

This course is a general overview of the mandate of the Church of Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. The student will study the biblical foundations, historical phases, cultural issues and strategic plans of God’s heart to carry His message of love and reconciliation to the ends of the earth.

PRM2005.DL World Missions 2

This course is an in depth study of the mandate of the Church of Jesus Christ to fulfill the Great Commission. The student will study the missional call of the church to reach our world including discussions in cross-cultural evangelism and non-traditional missions.


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We understand that moving to Tulsa, Oklahoma is not feasible for everyone that may be interested in gaining biblical knowledge or training for ministry. We have a correspondence Bible school that enables students across the nation to experience VBC classes and even work towards completing the first year of the School of Ministry. Students will work directly with the Distance Learning director to take classes at their own pace as well as turn in work for the classes.

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