First Quarter, CHECK


Contributed by Fatima Gomez, First Year Ministry Student

So I just finished my first quarter of bible college at VBC this Friday. Ah!!! I can’t believe it. I remember waking up on orientation day, not knowing if I should go because I had no way of paying for it. God said GO, and of course I went, with legs as weak and flimsy as noodles. I was shaking, I was literally walking by faith, not knowing what the next step would be. BUT now it is the beginning of the second quarter! Wow.

I am glad I was obedient. I don’t know if things that have happened within the last 8 weeks would have happened if I had been working full time instead. Full time you ask, yes. I was offered the job I had been waiting for since graduation—to be a visual merchandiser full time, with good pay, good benefits, and a consistent schedule! I was ready to say YES to this offer, when God changed it ALL up. What?! I was so perplexed. But I had so much peace about not committing to it and going to bible school instead. I know that I would be stagnant in my faith. physically drained, and emotionally unstable if I had made that choice.  And now… I am growing spiritually, disciplined physically, and emotionally thriving. I have had so much favor, energy, love for others, miraculous finances coming to my bank account, and just a plethora of other blessings. Praise God!

I am so excited to continuously apply everything I have learned in my everyday living. From analyzing what I truly believe, to being sensitive on how I treat others, to making a cash flow plan and sticking to it have been some of the things I have been challenged in. Nonetheless, I have met some amazing people and I am beyond honored to have connected with them.

I have much expectation for the second quarter; probably even more than the first because I didn’t know what I was getting myself into. Now that I do know parts and pieces of it, I cannot wait to learn more and in return, help those around me.

Second quarter, I am ready for you!.

Elizabeth TvedtFirst Quarter, CHECK