School of Media

Through media, we can change the way you see God and change the way you see yourself. The School of Media equipped students to communicate the gospel message with creativity, effectiveness, and excellence. You’ll be able to receive hands-on training in Victory’s TV department and Creative Media department. Let VBC’s media experts empower you to be a creative light in a dark world.

Classes I’ll Take

Experiences I’ll Have

  • Productions
    • VCC puts on 2-3 large multi-media productions each year. VBC students play an important role is the shooting, editing, and stage production.
  • Victory in Jesus (Victory Christian and VCC services
    • Every week VCC’s TV
  • Web content and design projects

Before acceptance into the School of Media, please complete the following evaluation and email to dave@icoachcreative.comPre-Admission Evaluationapply_now_button_2I’m ready for more information about the School of Media!VICTORY BIBLE COLLEGESchool of Ministry, Worship, Missions & Media


Program I Classes
Photography Basics
Intro to Storytelling
Cinematography 101 & 201
Video Editing Basics
Advanced Video Editing
Video Editing Lab
Intro Audio Production
 Advanced Audio Production
Web Design
Graphic Design
SEO & Digital Marketing Strategies
Video Media Practicum
Program II Classes
Creative Media Practicum 101
Creative Media Practicum 201
Creative Media Practicum 301
Creative Media Practicum 401
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