School of Ministry

Here we train students with the essentials to be successful in ministry. The School of Ministry uses powerful teaching and hand-on training to help students to first understand their identity in Christ and then walk in their God-given destinies. Are you called to be a pastor, traveling minister, missionary or be a spiritual leader in your industry? VBC is where you can find that life you were born to live.

Classes I’ll Take

Core I Classes
New Testament
Principles of Praise and Worship
Authority of the Believer
Transformed Living
Principles of Prayer
Fruit of the Spirit
New Creation Realities
Charismatic Foundations
Old Testament
Avoiding Deception
Growing Up Spiritually
Principles of Revival
Divine Healing
Passion for God
Principles of Ministry
Principles of Leadership
Life of Christ
Core II Classes
Church History
Writing in Ministry
Preaching and Communication
Systematic Theology
Preaching Lab
Passion for God II
Family Ministry
Christian Worldview
Supernatural Faith
Discipleship Strategies

Program I Classes
Kingdom Wealth and Biblical Economics
Foundations of Faith
Ministry Gifts and Callings
How to be led by The Spirit
Renewing the Mind
Gifts of the Spirit
Bible Covenants
Marriage and Family
Life Strategies
Spiritual Discernment
Evangelism and Outreach 1
World Missions
Program II Classes
Practical Ministry Tools
Church Administration
Youth and Children’s Ministry
Principles of Leadership
1 & 2 Corinthians
Media in Ministry
Pastoral Ministry
Preaching Lab

Experiences I’ll Have

  • Internship Fridays
    • On Fridays, ministry students are give the opportunity to learn outside the classroom by serving in the distribution center, The Tulsa Dream Center, nursing homes, and other VCC departments.
  • Volunteer with Victory Ministries
    • One of the greatest assets of VBC is that is it associated with Victory Christian Center. If there is any specific area of ministry a student is interested in, there is always an opportunity in that church department for them to get involved. Some church departments even offer internships.
  • Preaching Labs
    • Not only do VBC Ministry students sit under gifted teachers and preachers, but they are given the opportunity to practice themselves.
  • Practical Knowledge
    • In VBC 2 classes, you will be trained in practical ministry, learning how to do funerals, weddings, baptisms, write sermons, and other non-theology related skills that a person in ministry would need to know.


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