Why I Wear a Wedding Ring


Contributed by VBC Staff Member John Ayala

There have always been those moments where I dream of my future wife, and how she loves me in all the right ways. How she is: Sweet, kind, fun, random, affectionate, musically inclined, nerdy, a dash of geek, a Theologian, worshipper, energetic, beautiful, Godly morals and the list would go on, and on if that would prove my point even more.

Recently though, I have been wearing a wedding ring on my left ring finger and it has been questioned and asked about several times before I put meaning to it. Originally I just liked the ring and it felt weird on my right hand, but then I decided I needed to put a purpose to it.

I want to share with you what I think about every time I look at that ring!

Prayer: I pray every time I put this ring on, that God would change me and mold me into the man that my future wife wants to marry. Lord knows that I have some maturing to do, and I am a work in progress. If I pray for him to change me into the man he wants me to be, and what my future Wife wants to marry, then at that point, I have more of a chance of getting a, “Match made in Heaven.”

On the flip side, I pray that God molds her into the Woman of God that she is destined to become. That she’s someone who will have the Fruit of the Spirit working in her life and the heart for ministry like I do. Who also enjoys my, “Nerdisms” (Things that Men have tendencies to do that are Nerdy.) and who can love me through the good times and bad.

Primarily why I pray for both sides is because it is two people coming together as one. She has a list of things she wants in a guy too! It’s not just my list, but hers also! I want us both to be able to give 100%, 100% of the time. I know that we won’t be able to accomplish that goal unless I get a head start in prayer!

A lot of people jump into things, and in worse cases get a divorce because they rushed into something that weren’t according to His plan. I would know I’ve been there! I dated a girl who loved me like I only seen in fairy tales. However; spiritually, we were unequally yoked, and it caused division in us. Also I fell for a girl whose physical appearance is what I dreamed of, but morally wasn’t right, and with the standard that needed to be followed, it didn’t end well for me. Both times they weren’t the ones that God wanted for ME to marry, and afterwards, it was evident. They are someone else’s dream girl; and without thinking about it, I jumped into a situation that wasn’t even meant for me to be in, and got hurt in the process.

In Romans 4:17 it talks about calling things that are not, as though they were. It is a moment and step of, “Even though I don’t see it (Her), I will choose to call it (Her) forth in the manner that complies with Gods perfect plan for my life.” This works for both Genders, it’s not some formula for saps like me. If you want Gods perfect will for your life, and have someone who loves you like Kanye loves Kanye, you have to learn to step into this kind of faith and beliefs!

In the end, I know God will work out his perfect will for my life; I have to trust the Holy Spirit and allow him to work in me. She’s out there waiting for me, praying for me, and pursuing God in the process. So just wait and see that the Lord is faithful, and brings all things together for the good of those who love him. Be patient, be diligent, your future spouse is depending on it.

Let your dating preparation be this: prophetic prayer that allows God the room in your life to work in you and through you. To prepare you for the perfect path that you are to take in this life, with the perfect adventure partner you could ever have!.

Elizabeth TvedtWhy I Wear a Wedding Ring